How to Upgrade Your Morning Caffeine Routine

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How to Upgrade Your Morning Caffeine Routine

Coffee is a very common part of morning routines and I’m all for it. I love the taste, the nice little buzz, the ritual of it, not to mention that it’s actually loaded with benefits - B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, manganese and studies actually show it reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia, increases fat burning, makes you less likely to die of a stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Despite all these benefits, there are times in our lives when we overindulge and even things like coffee with so many benefits can become more of a crutch than a benefit. Say you’re a busy mom, a college student, a corporate executive, or anyone really who’s operating on too few hours of sleep, you might find yourself - like I have - reaching for coffee over water, brewing in the afternoon and thinking about it in bed. 

Things like this are big clues that your balance is off and that something needs to change. You really know it does when you try to resist it, make excuses or put it off.

In my own health journey, I still have “aha” moments like this. With two little boys at home, I recently found myself relying on caffeine more and more - I’m a fast metabolizer of caffeine so it doesn’t impact my sleep much, plus I love it and so was drinking 2-3 cups a day. When I have an “aha” moment like I did with coffee, my game plan includes a strategy I use with clients all the time - replace before you remove. I committed to a month without coffee and replaced that part of my morning routine with a cup of matcha (I went with my favorite, Pique Tea). 

Just one month of a cup of matcha vs 2-3 cups of coffee reinforced that, while matcha has great benefits as well, I had been drinking too much caffeine and was feeling the effects. Being too caffeinated has a negative impact on mood, food choices and impulsive behavior…plus sometimes it requires a downer, like a glass of wine in the evenings. 

Here’s what I noticed in my month without coffee:
  • I craved less sugar and had fewer “reach in the cabinet” moments
  • I was calmer and I made less impulsive decisions
  • I slept better and felt more energetic

Taking a break like this can also break the urge and habitual nature of your choices, rebalance your relationship with something and increase your confidence in your ability to make change. 

Here are some other ways you can update or upgrade your morning routine:

  • Elevate your coffee by using a brand like Four Sigmatic* - their organic coffee is combined with Chaga mushrooms to optimize brain function and keep you from those dreaded caffeine crashes or jitters. 

  • Add some protein to your coffee! Studies consistently show that starting your day with a healthy dose of protein helps you feel more satisfied, supports blood sugar balance right away, and prevents cravings throughout the day but especially in the evening. Add some Be Well by Kelly protein powder to your morning cup to create some balance first thing in the morning (and if tea is more your thing, try a protein packed chai latte)!

  • Another brand I love is Pique Tea*. This company is a perfect choice for those of you who like caffeine (or even just a warm cup of something) but aren’t into coffee. I used their matcha in my month off of coffee and am a fan of so many of their other products. Their teas are triple tested for toxins including pesticides, heavy metals, and mold and are created using technology that optimizes the benefits of their ingredients. (I especially love their tea crystals, which takes away the problem of forgetting about my cup and over-steeping the tea bag - mom problems…). Use code BEWELL for 5% off your first purchase. 

  • Starting your day with balanced blood sugar is so important for building momentum and preventing crashes and cravings the rest of the day. The easiest way to do this? Use the Fab 4! You can easily create a Fab 4 meal for breakfast but you know I’m all about the Fab 4 Smoothies! I love to encourage people to take that first step of incorporating the Fab 4 into daily life with just one simple change, like a Fab 4 Smoothie every morning. To learn more about this favorite wellness tool of mine, get started with my course, Fab 4 Smoothie Basics!

  • I used to track my own blood sugar for years using finger prick glucose metrics but have since changed to Levels*, a continuous glucose monitoring system, to monitor my blood sugar. I’ve been blown away by the real time data I get that using Levels! It shows me how my choices impact my blood sugar, whether I go for an ultra balancing meal or have a day that’s more on the snacky side. This kind of information helps me stay accountable to myself and my goals. If you’re looking to really hone in on your blood sugar balance, I can help you receive two months free when you sign up through my link here*. 

Long story short, health isn’t about being perfect and there are so many ways you can make changes to your routine and see improvements in your health. From changing your coffee brand to taking a break from caffeine, to committing to a change like a daily Fab 4 Smoothie - it’s all about listening in to what your body needs, making those little changes when you feel the urge, then following up on how you feel. 

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