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Testimonial: Haley, Manhattan Beach

Every bride has an approach when it comes to getting ready for their big day; at beWell our goal is to understand their needs and execute a big push or soft guidance to help them meet their goals. We design a program to give each bride as much or as little support as needed. Haley was a dream bride, excited to learn the science behind the nutrition and always got back on plan if a little weekend fun took her off track. Internally motivated to workout and commit to a schedule, she even took a few spin classes with her groom Jeff. She was not interested in the weight on the scale or getting measurements taken, it was all about how she was feeling and how her clothes fit! I think we can all learn a little bit from this beautiful and gracious bride.  xo Kelly

Tell us a little about your love story….how did you meet your groom? Jeff and I met through my coworker…who just happened to be his best friend from high school. We started seeing each other around and really developed a friendship before we started dating. I felt pretty strongly that he was the one after we hit our one year mark!       

How did he propose? I had a volunteering event on a Saturday morning and everything seemed pretty normal – after the beach in the afternoon, Jeff reminded me that we had a “date night” planned and while I was taking a nap, slipped out of the house and had me come meet him in Palos Verdes. I walked down to the ocean hill to see pillows, flowers, and a picnic basket laid out over a blanket all set up! The next thing I know, he’s down on one knee proposing. I think my favorite little memory is turning around and seeing and hearing the surfers cheering in the background!

What did you do to get ready for your big day? About 4 months before the wedding it really hit me that I wanted to look my absolute best. I started working with Kelly and really took a good look at my diet and exercise plan. By the wedding day, I was feeling better than I ever thought I would.

What were a few of your favorite moments from your wedding day?  Seeing Jeff at the alter was so special – we chose not to do a first look and I was just bouncing with excitement by then. It was also so special to be able to get ready with my bridesmaids and my mom and really share the specialness, I felt blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends.

How did the BeBridal plan help you? BeBridal really helped ground me and figure out what was triggering my cravings and what I could do to get clean and healthy. It wasn’t hokey and wasn’t a fad diet, instead it was food changes based on science that was sustainable for me every day.

How has your lifestyle changed since joining the BeWELL family? Since working with Kelly, I still drink my smoothies every day! I also am just much more aware about taking a holistic approach to my health – fitting in the right food choices and exercises to look and feel my best.

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Testimonial: Jill, Pasadena