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Testimonial: Jesse, Venice

I’ve always been petite, but never confident in my body. Putting on a bathing suit has always been something I’ve dreaded and as a result I have been on an endless cycle of various methods/philosophies/work outs, to try and achieve my personal goals. I decided to work with Kelly because I wanted some answers on what I was doing wrong and the guidance she has given me has been invaluable.

I was shocked when she wanted me to eat more, specifically high fat foods. It took me about a month to wrap my mind around her philosophy because it seemed to go against everything I had ever learned. I have since realized that the things I thought I knew about weight loss prior to meeting Kelly, were picked up in side gym conversations or fad diet advice sections in magazines and were not truly sustainable or even healthy. Kelly’s emphasis is on health and wellness, but she designs her plans to you individually so that your fitness and weight loss goals are also being reached and are considered an important part of her program. Since working with Kelly my skin has been glowing, I have lost fat/inches around my waist, arms and thighs, but most importantly I have a new found confidence in my body which is empowering and exciting. It’s comforting to know that deprivation and self loathing aren’t truly the keys to attaining your weight loss, fitness or health goals. Kelly has been a gift in my life and her wisdom is matched only the commitment and focus she puts into meeting each of her clients needs.

Testimonial: Jill, Pasadena

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