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Testimonial: Jill, Pasadena

Working with Kelly has changed my life. I know it sounds dramatic but there really isn’t another way to say it. Throughout high school and college, my definition of feeling full was having a stomach ache and that was that, you just had to get through it.  It wasn’t up until after coming home from my study abroad semester to Madrid, Spain, a beautiful city that loves their bread and cheese, that I realized the pains started getting worse. I had gotten to the point where after I ate a meal I had to rest for an hour just to get back to “normal” and even after that the nausea would come back. After months of people telling me what I wasn’t experiencing wasn’t at all “normal,” I finally decided to see some doctors.

I went to my general practitioner (four separate times who identified me as allergic to milk, wheat, peanuts and peanut oil and the best way to fix this was to do nothing), an allergist (who tested about 30 different allergens and how my body reacted to them), an executive health exam doctor (who basically told me- alla Taylor Swift to “Shake it Off”…not kidding), and even the on-campus doctors at my school and not once after any one of these visits did I feel like I a) understood what the heck was going on with me b) had an action plan to get better c) could explain to anybody what I could and could not eat…because I didn’t know! For about 4 years I had been trying to eat gluten free, dairy free, and peanut free since I was allergic to them. The only problem is that by avoiding all these foods, I didn’t really know how to properly get all the nutrients I thought I was missing. Two years prior to coming to Kelly I was always tired, got sick easily, never felt full or satisfied, and often times didn’t have the will-power to avoid eating my allergens. I would feel so deprived and left out of group dinners because knew what I couldn’t eat but I had no idea what I could eat and perhaps more importantly what I should eat. Up until 3 months ago, I honestly thought this was just something I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life.

I was referred to Kelly by a friend, checked out her website and thought why not. At this point I was feeling sick pretty much every day, thought I had developed even more allergies, and felt completely defeated.  Within the first 30 minutes Kelly knew exactly what I had (this is no exaggeration, the woman’s a genius) and began making me an action plan as to how we were going to get me WELL. Kelly’s plan was practical to the point where I wouldn’t feel deprived of food since I had to avoid so many things and simple where it would be easy to follow. I left feeling empowered and ready to start feeling better again.

I feel like an infomercial when I say I saw results in less than 2 weeks. No joke. I all the sudden had double the energy I once had, I was happier, less stressed out, felt satisfied, going out to dinner with friends no longer stressed me out since I knew exactly what I could eat and if I didn’t I could text Kelly a picture of the menu for what she would recommend I ate, and on top of all of that I started losing weight! The whole thing shocked me and to this day it still does. I’ve had four different co-workers approach me on four separate occasions commenting on how happy and healthy I looked and more importantly I feel happy and healthy!

Working with Kelly has made such a positive impact on my life and I recommend it to anybody who simply wants to start feeling like their best again, whether or not you have symptoms similar to mine. Doing the BeWell program was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself!

Testimonial: Haley, Manhattan Beach

Testimonial: Jesse, Venice