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Testimonial: Anaya, Los Angeles

“Jesus, you look stunning! God… there’s just something about you.” Why thank you self-obsessed actor guy who totally blew me off a year ago. “You’re lying… I totally thought we were the same age.” Nope, not lying adorable doe-eyed 21-year-old co- worker, I AM a decade older than you. “Girl… you sure are pretty… and you got a great shape too!” Why thank you total stranger in the parking lot going out of her way to stop her car, role down her window, and shout compliments at me… Yes I would love it if you would be so kind as to “Let such a pretty Gal off with a warning” officer, and I promise not to text and drive ever again. Yes you can be so bold as to tell me “I’m super sexy, and have that IT factor” total stranger/customer at my work. No, I don’t want to “Go on your private Jet to Dubai, and spend two weeks with you in your Luxury Hotel” creepy rich business man at my work who is a bar regular…

Okay, stop. What is happening? Am I being ‘Punked’? Is this some elaborate prank my sister is orchestrating to get me back for being the popular one? I’m the oldest; the oldest is always the popular one, get over it. Why is every guy hitting on me? Why am I getting so many compliments, and attention from the least likely of places? Why do these size 26 designer jeans fit me? I’m eating, like REALLY eating, like Man eating, not like L.A. actor/model Man eating, but like Mid-West/Hunter-Gatherer real Man, Man eating…

I’m eating steak, and eggs, whole eggs. I’m eating bacon, and pancetta, and oil, lots of oil. I’m eating avocados, and nuts, and delicious chocolate coconut smoothies. And I’m eating a lot, not just silly little socially acceptable girl size portions, but like big heaping plates of food that I am sometimes embarrassed to actually finish. Why am I not a Whale? Why is my skin so smooth and glowing and amazingly dimple-free? What is Happening?!!!

I’ll tell you what’s happening, in four simple little words, four of my favorite new words to utter to myself whenever I am in a state of total disbelief… Be-Well-By-Kelly!

Oh BeWellByKelly how you have stolen my heart and shrunken my waistline. How you have increased my faith in Mankind and my frequency of super satisfying healthy sized craps, yeah, I said it, I am no longer ashamed, I am a big, fat, crapper, and proud of it. How you have taken my breath away by every dewy, pimple-free glance in the mirror, by every non-shalant passing by of the scale, saying, “I don’t even care what you have to say scale, I look amaze! You aren’t the boss of me anymore!” How you have brought me to Heaven and back with every guilt-free buffalo burger smothered in sautéed onions and avocado, or chocolate coconut milkshake tasting healthy smoothie bite!

How do I love you BeWellByKelly? I can’t even begin to count the ways… Seriously Ladies… Get it! GET IT!!!

BeWELL Statistics (March -July) 

  • Starting Weight 127 lbs – Current Weight 121

  • Starting Body Fat Percentage 23% – Current 14.5%

  • Inches lost 12.5

“The most rewarding part of my job is when a client takes the time to commit to the #bewell lifestyle. This isn’t a quick fix, it is a slow process but it always works.  Anya has been an absolute pleasure to work with, she is perfect example of commitment and patience. She has a new body for life and one that doesn’t require starvation. She is lighter and more vibrant; but more improtantly she is healthy and confident. She has come into her own and it has been a pleasure to witness.” – Kelly LeVeque

Egg Cheesy Broccolini

Baby Super Greens Salad