Allison Norton - Polka Dot Media

"Kelly's beliefs about nutrition has forever changed the way I think about blood sugar, energy and healthy eating throughout the day. She gave me a customized plan that lets me eat meals that keep me full, and she backs everything up with science which I love. Plus, she's so fun to work with! We love having her as a contributor on LaurenConrad.com. Find her articles here: https://laurenconrad.com/?s=kelly+leveque"

Ashley Yergler Herrington

"I reached out to Kelly at bewellbykelly to ask for her guidance in nutrition planning.  Kelly and I discussed my nutrition history, health history (I have PCOS) and goals to consider the best options for me and my body's needs.  Kelly guided me through the benefits of a balanced diet of protein and fat and overall nutrition combined with consistent exercise that I enjoyed.  These elements, paralleled with her regimen of shakes and meal planning, helped reach my goals of balancing my hormones and make better and healthier choices.   Kelly's support showed me a way to successful eat for the rest of my life, not just for a period of time.  One of the best outcomes of working with Kelly was that my body balanced naturally and I had the perfect healthy foundation to transition into motherhood.  Kelly genuinely cares and wants to help you find what your body needs and support you throughout the journey.  Plus, her instagram account and website are always tremendous resources for recipe ideas and support!"

Jordan Younger - founder of The Balanced Blonde and author of Breaking Vegan

"Kelly is my go-to girl when it comes to all things nutrition, fitness and capturing the essence of living well. I have noticed an overall positive shift in the way that I approach food after Kelly taught me the basics of blood sugar maintenance and properly balanced meals. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of science where I feel most lost, but she is always there to lend an understanding and helpful ear every time I get off track. I would be lost without Kelly as both a nutritionist and a (very balanced) friend!"

Terri Hill

"Working with Kelly has been absolutely amazing. After the birth of my daughter, I was having a hard time losing the baby weight. Between sleepless nights and working full time, I just wasn’t feeling my best and decided to reach out to Kelly for help. I’m so glad I did. She made the lofty promise that her bewell smoothie would change my life, and it totally has! I thought I was eating healthy, but also knew I was a sugar addict. Kelly has helped me understand that when you are feeding your body properly you feel balanced and can get from one meal to the next without ever reaching for a sweet or an afternoon latte. I feel better than I have in years. I have more energy, I sleep soundly and can’t tell you the last time I craved dessert—a miracle I thought would never happen! Kelly is so sweet and easy to work with and is a wealth of information. I would highly recommend bewell by Kelly!"

Melissa Brown

"Kelly was exactly what I needed after 4 kids in less than 5.5 years! I felt like I was all over the place and had been pregnant so long I didn’t know what my body needed. Pregnancy after pregnancy depletes you of everything. She helped so much in not only helped so much in shedding all my baby weight but she helped tailor my diet to make all the hormonal changes much easier (adrenal, thyroid, etc) I loved her approach and her knowledge of being able to provide supplements to help regulate everything verses immediately going on a drug to fix things. She is not only darling and fun, she is so knowledgable and appreciate her energy and insight. I would recommend her to anyone I know that wants to feel healthy and their best self physically and emotionally!"

Morgan Buehler

"Working with Kelly was the most refreshing, informative and transformational experience I've ever had with a nutrition/health expert. She was able to give me actionable steps to take things to the next level. When I met Kelly, I had come off a 3-month experiment with a different coach that resulted in 10 pounds of weight gain and all sorts of other issues. Kelly was able to turn things around for me very quickly. She gets it. I would highly recommend working with her."

Richard Watts

"Kelly has a unique approach in tailoring your diet to address the specific needs of whatever condition you hope to improve.   Mine was not about weight loss rather about reducing inflammation in my system. My two doctors were so impressed with Kelly's results, they both asked me permission to hire her. You will struggle at any diet unless you become educated on the effects of various foods on your system.  Kelly does a wonderful job of teaching you what to do and why you are doing it.  I trust her.  You can too!"

Mina Yaghoubzadeh

"On my first session, Kelly already changed my entire viewpoint on what it means to be "healthy".  Her approach helped me change and improve my lifestyle, teaching me me to be balanced and to make better choices without having to feel limited or like I am on an uncomfortable diet. Kelly teaches you how to read labels and know exactly what you are putting in your body. I used to view eating a healthy as a struggle; giving me so few options and having to reject what I really want. Now, I think of it as easy, fun and creative"

Meg Young - Director of Public Relations Kate Somerville

"Having worked with several nutritionists before, I thought I was well-versed in “healthy-eating”…then I met Kelly.  Talk about the “ah-ha” moment! I finally learned about biology and science behind food and how my body processes it.  Turns out what I thought was healthy (as Kelly called it my “fruititarian diet”) was not at all.  Kelly is incredibly knowledgeable and makes it easy, and I actually ended up being able to eat more to lose. How amazing is that?!"