Be Well is a full-service nutrition, wellness & lifestyle company.

We offer a full-range of counseling, support and advisory services to women, men, adolescents, professionals and corporate clients across all industries and age profiles. We deliver personal, one-on-one attention to every client and develop customized programs based on your specific needs, issues and goals. We offer traditional counseling sessions on an hourly basis, expanded services on a monthly retainer basis and VIP/concierge services to individuals with unique or specialized needs. 


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Here is a sampling of the services we provide:

  • Personalized nutrition counseling and support

  • Education regarding metabolism and digestion

  • Improving gut health and immunity

  • Balancing hormone levels through nutrition

  • Nutrition planning for autoimmune diseases and other illnesses

  • Network of functional medicine physicians and holistic health practitioners

  • Meal planning and grocery support

  • Consulting on cooking, recipes and food and menu preparation

  • Food, supplement and health product recommendations

  • Goal attainment and maintenance

  • Health and lifestyle coaching

  • Certified yoga instructor

  • Emotional eating, food anxiety and extreme eating behaviors

  • Corporate nutrition, wellness and fitness programs

  • Corporate health and wellness presentations

  • Corporate events and retreats

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