Dr. Thomas Hemingway

5 Powerful Practices to Prevent Disease & Optimize Your Health with Dr. Thomas Hemingway

Today's guest is Dr. Thomas Hemingway. He is a holistic and integrative medical doctor, but like so many guests on this show, he didn't start that way. He worked for two decades in ER medicine before making the move to integrative practices that we discuss  today.

With so much first-hand experience with chronic illness, he committed himself and his career to finding ways to prevent them. And as of February, he has a new book on the shelves that does just that, PREVENTABLE: 5 Powerful Practices To Avoid Disease And Build Unshakeable Health

We unpack those five powerful practices – Food, Movement, Sleep, Gut Health, and Stress – and apply them to family life, the imperfect, impatient, always-something-new lifestyle that keeps parents of young children like us on the lookout for practical, easily applicable advice wherever we can get it.

As you’ll hear in this one, Dr. Thomas Hemingway is full of energy and you can be too.

I love the motivation and hope that Dr. Hemingway shares with our community today. There's a lot of doomsday talk with an increase in obesity, heart disease, diabetes, chronic lifestyle diseases, and the like – but every day is a fresh new start, an opportunity to start a new healthy habit and get back on track to a full and vibrant life.

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