The Be Well Fab 4 is Kelly’s easy-to-follow formula for creating blood sugar balancing meals of clean protein, fat, fiber and greens. Feel fully nourished while you shed extra pounds, curb cravings, fuel focus and access energy all day, every day.





Fab Four 101

01What It Is

Kelly’s whole foods formula for what to put on every plate to fuel focus, access energy, curb cravings and shed excess pounds by eating the right portions of clean protein, fat, fiber, and greens.

02Why It Works

Eating the right amount of protein, fat, fiber and greens at each meal can help you feel your best, naturally burn fat and keep energy consistent throughout the day, avoiding insulin spikes that tell our bodies to stop burning fat and start storing it.

03How It Works

It’s all about eating complete meals that elongate your blood sugar curve, helping you stop mindless snacking and ensuring your body has the nutrients to thrive.

Start with the Smoothie

A Fab 4 Smoothie is the perfect way to start your day and your health journey. Easy, delicious and perfectly portioned, it helps you nourish your body and balance blood sugar with a wellness ritual you love.

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We’ve Got the Scoop

Ready to make a change that lasts? Kelly breaks down the science of blood sugar balance to fuel your wellness journey with clean whole foods.

With Fab Four Smoothies, Kelly shows you how to whip up balanced energy that fills you up and helps you reach your goals all day, every day.

With the Fab Four framework, Kelly shows you how to holistically care for your body and your baby before, during and after pregnancy.

Kelly teaches you how to use the power of nutrition science to avoid meltdowns, raise empowered eaters and set the foundation for lifelong health.

Get Started 

Kelly teaches you the science of blood sugar so you can hit your goals simply and sustainably at every age and stage.