Dave Asprey

Biohacking the Human Experience with Dave Asprey

You know Dave Asprey. He’s the father of biohacking, a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur – and he is proud to be leading the charge against Kale. Dave unmasks the popular health food as expensive, bitter, and toxic – but it’s far from the only thing to catch heat from this world class truth teller today.

We hear all about his new clean coffee brand, Danger Coffee, which is produced with strict anti-mold protocols and enriched with important minerals that are both not seen in most processed, popular American foods and which are actively removed from our systems by harmful ingredients and chemicals. 

Dave rails against the systematic decline in testosterone across young men, a concerning trend that has ripples throughout every level of society. We hash out the science of soil, why mineral depletion plays such a big part in widespread sickness and disease. And we also learn of his latest high-tech biohacking projects, where he’s deploying AI to train our brains, and bodies, with less time and effort required by traditional methods. 

Mitochondria and mold are two more hot topics as Dave weaves science and levity into his vast life experience for a direct and to-the-point delivery of the facts.

He’s right, we don’t need to be scared. We need to be informed.