Dr. David Perlmutter

Giving Your Brain a Deep Clean with Dr. David Perlmutter



Renowned neurologist and five-time New York Times bestselling author Dr. David Perlmutter discusses the brain's influence on dietary decisions and how to manipulate your brain to work in your body's favor.

Dr. David Perlmutter has broken the medical mold once again with his game-changing research on how effective decision-making is derailed by our poorly managed brains. 

We dip into the research in his most recently published book, Brain Wash, and discuss the science behind decision making, and how the brain is an integral cog in our daily decision processes. Plus, we cover ways to optimize brain function for positive decision making, helping us all cultivate a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Show Notes:

    • Dr. Perlmutter was interested in neuroscience starting as a young child through watching his father work
    • Dr. Perlmutter took an approach in his practice that focused on underlying causes
    • The book Grain Brain dove into how lifestyle choices impact the destiny of our brains, and it gave a broader audience examples of how we can all care for our brain health through all stages of life
    • Insulin resistance and inflammation are the two mechanisms that have the largest impact on brain health
    • Inflammation impacts our ability to make good decisions
    • 70-80% of information that doctors give patients is ignored, and Dr. Perrlmutter and his son Austin set out to write Brain Wash to help communicate actionable information to a broad audience
    • The amygdala makes quick decisions without considering long term consequences, while the prefrontal cortex in the brain makes nuanced decisions considering the full impact of choices
    • Restorative sleep is a major factor in making good decisions and it calms the amygdala
    • A tuned up amygdala makes better decisions, it sets the foundation for positive lifestyle habits
    • Studies have shown that exposure to nature improves our amygdala response and decision making, and can lower cortisol levels and regulate blood glucose response
    • Prayer and meditation are powerful ways to augment the activity of the prefrontal cortex
    • The expression of gratitude and socializing are important amygdala enhancers that help us be better people and better decision makers

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