Dr. Chris Kresser

Debunking Nutrition Myths & Supercharging your Nutrient Status with Dr. Chris Kresser

Today's guest is Dr. Chris Kresser. As founder of the Kresser Institute, Dr. Chris Kresser returns to Be Well By Kelly to share what he’s learned in the field of functional medicine since his last visit and how supplementing against nutrient deficiencies helped him & his wife overcome struggles with conception. His mission is to help people reverse chronic illness, reclaim their health, and bring more conscious intentionality into a more meaningful life. 

Chris recently launched a supplement line, Adapt Naturals, to fill the gap and support our nutrient needs. Chis has extended a discount code to our community, use the code BEWELLWITHKELLY for a 15% discount on any of his supplements at AdaptNaturals.com!

We also cover…