Bringing Joy & Balance Into Feeding Kids with Edwena Kennedy

Bringing Joy & Balance Into Feeding Kids with Edwena Kennedy



 Pediatric nutritionist, Edwena Kennedy is on the podcast, sharing her expert feeding strategies and tips to help transform picky toddlers into healthy eaters and bring fun back into mealtimes.

We unpack the pantry and explore different ways to navigate eating benchmarks: from transitioning to solid foods and advancing kids’ texture palette to creating mealtime boundaries and turning snacks into mini-meals. I’m all for ditching the mealtime drama, and Edwena has some great strategies to get us all there! 

Show Notes:

  • Edwena struggled with her own kids' picky habits and then developed her own toddler led feeding approach

  • To practice toddler fed weaning, get your child on an eating schedule, and teach them that it's their opportunity to get full, provide necessary structure and let them decide how much to eat

  • Let your toddler choose if and how much to eat, and you decide when and what they eat

  • Expect your toddler's appetite to fluctuate, and they will help regulate how much they need to eat

  • Consistency with boundaries will help your child hone their eating habits, and will help you let go of the fear of them not eating enough

  • Baby led weaning provides great oral motor skill training and usually exposes them to a high level of variety in flavors and textures

  • High iron foods are important, babies need more iron than adults, Edwena recommends chicken thighs, red meat, and beans

  • Let your kids practice with kid-safe knives and prepping their food early to build confidence and independence

  • Treat snacks like mini meals, it's fine to feed the same things you would for a meal but in a smaller portion


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