Dr. Stacy Sims

Level Up Your Training with Dr. Stacy Sims

Today’s guest is the esteemed Dr. Stacy Sims. She's a forward-thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise, nutrition, and performance for women. Her contributions to the international research environment and the sports nutrition industry have established a new niche in sports nutrition and her shining reputation as the expert in sex differences in training nutrition and health.

We chat about her research background (70 papers and counting!), how she’s addressing the gender gap in male-to-female studies related to the fitness and athletics space, the critical role that iron plays in fatigue and performance, and the salty truth about healthy hydration.

This episode is also chock full of tips on how to up your iron levels if you're at that low anemic level, how to hydrate properly based on your cycle, and learn how to build up that lean muscle mass prior to menopause so that you don't have negative or limiting symptoms.