Dr. Lisa Mosconi

Menopause & The Brain: New Breakthroughs in Women’s Health with Dr. Lisa Mosconi

Women's brain health remains one of the most under researched, underdiagnosed, and undertreated fields of medicine – and someone needs to fix it. Enter today’s brilliant guest, Dr. Lisa Mosconi. She is the director of the Women's Brain Initiative at the Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Weill Cornell Medicine, New York Presbyterian Hospital.

In this conversation, we explore menopause's effect on the body, brain, and hormones. Dr. Mosconi expertly clarifies what menopause is and isn't with a strong focus on the impact of menopause on brain health, cognitive health, and mental health. Dr. Mosconi walks us through the map of our reproductive health from pre to post menopause, highlighting hallmark signs and symptoms of transitions from each phase to the next.

She shares why the old clinical ways of looking at menopause aren’t effective, and introduces new science and technology that allows women to have more knowledge around how menopause affects the brain. Dr. Mosconi explains the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy, surgical menopause and also provides non-hormonal, lifestyle advice for managing the symptoms of menopause.

It is my dream for everyone to be as healthy as possible, equipped with the knowledge necessary to make empowered, informed decisions about living their best lives. I'm deeply grateful to Dr. Lisa Mosconi for generously sharing her expertise with us, enabling women to navigate menopause with ease and understanding.