Dr. John Lieurance

Molecules That Matter: The Future of Healing with Dr. John Lieurance

Dr. John Lieurance is a chiropractic neurologist and dedicated naturopath who's been in private practice for more than twenty five years. He’s based out of Advanced Rejuvenation, a forward-thinking multidisciplinary clinic with a focus on alternative and regenerative medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic work, functional neurology, functional cranial release, and many more leading-edge treatment methodologies.

In this one, we’re going a little underground on some research that Dr. John is one of the world’s leading expeorts on, but has yet to hit the mainstream for one reason or another. Specifically, we spotlight three underappreciated magic molecules and the roles they play in our bodies: melatonin, glutathione, and methylene blue.

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We also cover…