Dr. William Wallace

Navigating the Supplement Spectrum & Identifying What’s Right for You with Dr. William Wallace

I’m happy to have the esteemed Dr. William Wallace, Chief Scientific Officer for several prominent Midwestern nutraceutical companies, join us today. With a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science and a Ph.D. in health and human performance, Dr. Wallace has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight when it comes to understanding what supplements to take (and of course, not take).

His doctoral work focused on the use of cognitive enhancement agents in college students, and he's published peer reviewed literature and conducted research in fields of exercise and nutrition science. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the nutraceutical field and has conducted work in every stage of research and development including clinical research, product development, quality, and compliance.

Today, we explore structuring a diet for optimal nutrient intake, the balancing act between supplements and whole foods, and the future of personalized supplementation – diving deep into magnesium and Omega-3s as we explore the characteristics of a healthy diet.

Get ready for an enlightening conversation that bridges the world of academic research with the practical, everyday needs of individuals seeking to enhance their health and performance through informed nutritional choices. Dr. Wallace is such a great resource for what is practical, looking at the research and helping all of us supplement a little bit better.