Dr. Joel “Gator”

Parenting at Your Child’s Pace: Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh’s Empowering Advice for Parents

If you’re a first-time parent needing guidance on how to know what’s best for your kid’s health, this episode is a must-listen! I’m excited to sit down today with Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh, a trailblazing board-certified pediatrician known for his holistic approach to child health. Dr. Gator brings a unique integrative perspective to pediatric care with an extensive background in kinesiology, psychology, and epidemiology.

In this episode, he shares invaluable insights for first-time parents from his new book, Parenting at Your Child’s Pace, which guides parents through the early years with a focus on patience and informed decision-making.

Dr. Gator explains his integrative approach to teaching parents about their children’s health, highlighting a holistic health view that considers emotional, physical, and environmental wellbeing tailored to each child’s unique needs. He provides new parents essential tips around the five seeds of health – stress, environment and toxins, exercise, diet, and sleep.

He also shares how he runs his integrative practice, advocating for noninvasive medical treatments that respect each child’s individual comfort level.

But how can you apply the lessons in this conversation? We make sure to discuss practical tips for modern parenting, from managing screen time to co-sleeping to navigating the phenomenon of Dr. Google. Dr. Gator explains why it’s so important to foster a non-judgmental dialogue with your pediatrician when it comes to parenting guidelines and finding out what works best for each family and child.

This episode is packed with thoughtful advice for parents aiming to create a supportive, healthy environment for their children – that’s how I know you’ll love it. And please, share it with a friend who’s on the same path as you. We’re all in this together!