Rachael's Good Eats

Rachael's Good Eats’ Nutrient-Rich Recipes & Whole Food Philosophy

Today's episode is with my friend Rachael DeVaux of Rachael’s Good Eats. She's a Registered Dietician, personal trainer, and has a cult following on Instagram. She grew up in Washington and graduated from Oregon State University where she started the @rachaelsgoodeats Instagram account as a college student. She now shares recipes, intuitive eating strategies, and simple workouts with more than 645,000 followers. She's such an easy, laid back lady and her first cookbook, Rachael’s Good Eats, is out now. It’s full of easy, laid back, nutrient rich recipes for you and your family to try. This is definitely a cookbook I'll be using throughout the year and know you’ll love it too!

Rachael is such a breath of fresh air. In this episode we talk about what inspired her interest in healthy eating, how she launched and grew her online business, the behind the scenes of her fitness programs and the process of writing her new cookbook, her favorite recipes and tips to share for people new to cooking, and her overall philosophy on nutrition, creating authentic content, and finding what’s best for our bodies. I'm so excited for you guys to get to know her.