Shifting From Stress to Strength with Dr. Samantha Boardman

Shifting From Stress to Strength with Dr. Samantha Boardman



Positive Psychiatrist and author, Dr. Samantha Boardman, highlights how you can celebrate your strengths and boost your mood–even when you’re stressed.

Sitting on the couch can sometimes turn into a, self-pity session where you spin out on everything going wrong in your life. Rarely do we make space to find wellness in illness, but Positive Psychiatrist, Dr. Samantha Boardman, is changing the traditional therapy conversation. 

We discuss the unique and accessible ways to invite vibrancy and joy in your life and why perfection isn’t a priority when aligning happiness with action. 

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Boardman was inspired to study Positive Psychology and began to dive into resilience and helping patients find and strengthen their resilience despite stressful lives

  • Dr. Boardman now focuses on the creation and encouragement of health, not focusing on stress or negativity, and she helps patients tap into the people that they want to be

  • Examining your values and then contrasting that with how you spend your time can shed light on the desire to action gap, and living in that greater alignment can help you feel more resilient

  • Sleep and nutrition are both deeply tied to mood, stress response, and the health of our interpersonal relationships

  • The rise of perfectionism is rampant, and it's good to step away from the conversations that force you to compare and ruminate

  • Come up with a short list of activities that help you flip the switch and bring you back to yourself- jump in the shower, dance to a fun song, call a friend, go outside

  • Embrace activities that you don't need to be perfect at but just bring you joy, like taking up a new sport without having to be the best at it

  • Feeling engaged in your local community can help reduce stress from current events or impacts of the news


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