Dr Cate Shanahan

Seed Oils 101: Nutrition Fact or Fiction with Dr. Cate Shanahan

Dr. Cate Shanahan is the world's leading authority on seed oils and she’s on a mission to spread the word on the damage they're doing to us, both individually and as a species. We start by identifying the hateful eight – eight toxic factory-made seed oils – but this conversation takes us all over the nutritional spectrum. 

She helps us parse fact or fiction on numerous murky subjects, from the blatant corruption at the root of all nutritional research data past 1948, to the benefits and pitfalls of restrictive dieting, how and why the modern food landscape has evolved to be so harmful for our health, and the risks (or not) involved with consuming raw milk.

Come for Dr. Cate’s deep wisdom on seed oils and her truly clean snacking and diet tips, stay for a shout out to the brilliant Anthony Bourdaine and Cate’s fascinating perspective on global cuisine – a showcase of nutrient-rich delicacies that do not exist in our modern American food lexicon.