Lori Harder

The Keys to Launching a Female-Driven Business with Lori Harder

Lori Harder is a longtime podcaster, coach, author, serial entrepreneur, and now— a beverage industry founder. She joins the show to talk about her entrepreneurial journey on the way to launching Lite Pink this summer, what she’s got planned for the future, and how you can take the same steps when building a brand, launching a project, or tackling a tall task of your own.

Touching on her biggest failures and battle with anxiety, Lori gets super personal in this conversation, one that she shares reignited her own passions and intentions related to Lite Pink. It’s a common thread we touch on—how working alongside, communicating with, and spending time with fellow female business leaders provides fuel for our own fires.

I hope you walk away from this episode feeling the same energy, ready to jump back into The Work on your way to accomplishing your own dreams.