Dr. Trevor Cates

The Spa Doctor’s Guide to Clean Skin & Natural Beauty with Dr. Trevor Cates

Today's guest is known as The Spa Doctor and she was the first licensed female naturopathic doctor in California. She’s also the author of two literary standbys in the natural health space, especially as it relates to skin care: Natural Beauty Reset and Clean Skin from Within. 

It’s an honor to have the esteemed Dr. Trevor Cates on the show today.

After years of struggling with skin problems and imbalanced hormones in her teen years, Dr. Cates decided to pursue a career in natural medicine to educate the masses on the intersection between hormones and healthy skin. This led her to Utah, where she’s applied her refined skills and expertise in renowned hotels like the Waldorf Astoria and the St. Regis.

Specializing in hormone balance and a holistic approach to skincare, she’s built a practice teaching clients and patients how to support healthy skin through research-backed diet, lifestyle, and product choices – an ethos which forms the basis of our hyper-informative conversation today.

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