The Tools to Live a Fully Charged Life with Meaghan B. Murphy

The Tools to Live a Fully Charged Life with Meaghan B. Murphy

Meet my mom role model, Meaghan B. Murphy. Meaghan is a powerhouse known for her high energy, upbeat personality, and her "yay" lifestyle. She's not just your average magazine editor; she's currently the Editor in Chief at Woman's Day magazine, co-host of the Off the Gram podcast, and an on-air TV personality. 

But Meaghan’s expertise doesn't stop there. She's a certified personal trainer, a breast cancer previvor, and a master of MacGyver-style life hacks – all with three children, a labradoodle, and a knack for holiday decorations, she's a true happiness hacker.

In this contagiously inspiring episode, we explore the strategies outlined in her book, Your Fully Charged Life, designed to help you live a more optimistic and joyful life. We dive into how her insights are particularly valuable for working moms and anyone seeking to inject a little more "yay" into their daily routine, shedding light on how life’s most painful and challenging times can infuse your life with more presence, grace and gratitude.

We also discuss what overcoming an eating disorder in her teens taught her, navigating the delicate balance of motherhood and career, Meaghan's inspiring journey as a breast cancer previvor, her proactive decision to undergo a double mastectomy due to genetic factors, and the tools of resilience she relied on in the process. 

She shares so many helpful, practical tools that can instantly brighten your life, so without further ado, let's jump into this uplifting conversation with Meaghan B. Murphy.