Dr. Lauren Kelley-Chew

How to use a CGM to Master your Metabolic Health with Dr. Lauren Kelley-Chew, MD

Dr. Lauren Kelley-Chew is the Head of Clinical Product at Levels, a groundbreaking health and wellness brand using technology to try and reverse the metabolic health crisis. Wearing the device, users unlock a wealth of knowledge about how their body works, helping people understand how their food directly impacts their health and quality of life.

We talk about how she went from being on the waitlist for Levels, to being recruited to work there. At the time, reckoning with a surprising (but not surprising) prediabetes diagnosis – she was looking for answers. She found them in the data.

We spend most of this one deep in the science, getting granular on how Levels works, ways people can use its scores to improve their blood sugar, and their lives as a result, and how her research could change the way people view nutrition forever.

It is that simple, and it is that complex. Blood glucose is one our favorite topics to dissect – and we manage to break new ground each time another expert shares their perspective. This conversation is no different, packed with knowledge and an advanced understanding of what makes us tick.

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