Paul Grieve Pasturebird

The Power of Regenerative Farming and Pasture-Raised Protein with Paul Grieve

You all know I’m a big supporter of healthy, ethically raised animal proteins – and today we get another serving of the good stuff.

Today's guest is Farmer Paul Grieve. Paul is the founder of Pasturebird, the largest pasture-raised chicken operation in the world, focused on making true pasture-raised, nutrient-dense chicken, more accessible and affordable to you and me.

Paul has extended a discount code to our community, use the code BEWELLBYKELLY for 10% off when you purchase at! 

Paul never set out to be a farmer. His journey began after contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite during his marine corps training, a seemingly innocuous event that would shape the rest of his life. Going Paleo as a means to treat his symptoms, he identified a glaring gap in the market for natural, pasture-raised chicken – especially in Southern California.

Soon, his backyard-based business maintained wholesale accounts with both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dodgers. He was onto something big, and hasn’t slowed down since.

I'm so inspired by Paul, his wife Lynsey, the community they've created, and all the good they're putting into this world. It's such a pleasure to introduce you to Pasturebird in the hopes that this knowledge empowers you with a better way of taking care of your family, and the planet as well.

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