Maya Feller

Eating From Our Roots: Bringing Accessibility, Culture, & Health to the Table with Maya Feller

Today's guest is my friend Maya Feller, a Brooklyn-based RD who graduated from New York University. Maya's always been absolutely approachable and real food-based. You can find her on TV shows like Good Morning America as her private practice provides medical nutrition therapy and nutrition coaching for the management of, and the risk reduction of, non-communicable diseases.

She's also the author of a fantastic new book called Eating From Our Roots, which is where we spend most of our time today. It was released on January 24th of this year and features over eighty global recipes to take you through the heritage of cooking and how healthy food can look (and taste) wildly different for different people in different places.

Backed by Goop Press, Maya’s powerful message of accessibility and education sets her apart in a general health-food conversation that gets noisier every day.

Her commitment to meeting people where they are promises a seat at the table for so many who’ve gone without one – I so respect and revere her work and community impact. It's a joy to welcome Maya to the Be Well By Kelly podcast today.

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