Dr. Anthony Youn

How To Look Younger Naturally with Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn

I’m excited to welcome Dr. Anthony Youn, a nationally recognized board certified plastic surgeon who is known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon. I’ve never had a plastic surgeon on the show before, but I was drawn to Dr. Youn’s unique, holistic wellness-based approach. 

Dr. Youn’s philosophy is that surgery is a last resort. He’s devoted his career to helping people look and feel their best naturally. In today’s episode, he fills us in on what autojuvenation is and why it’s the key to turning back the clock. We also talk about why our skin ages, and how to combat inflammation and oxidative stress through nutrition and lifestyle shifts. 

Dr. Youn shares his pro tips for a simple skincare routine – (you don’t need tons of steps and products!) Plus, he answers burning questions about collagen supplements, sunscreen, retinol, lasers, and even vampire facials. I’m proud to share such a uniquely informed and empowered voice with the Be Well community today.