Enhance Your Health through Food with Dr. Mark Hyman

Enhance Your Health through Food with Dr. Mark Hyman



Functional Medicine advocate and leader, Dr. Mark Hyman, breaks through extreme diet dogma and reveals how eating the best out of both paleo and vegan diets can help us build the happy, healthy bodies we all deserve.

Dr. Mark Hyman, an internationally renowned leader in Functional Medicine, has found common ground between veganism and paleo to create “peganism:” a flexible set of food principles that help boost your body’s functionality. 

His program helps release us from dogma over biology, where we blindly follow extreme food trends without considering our personal biology. 

We discuss how constructing the food on your plate can boost immunity, reverse disease and diminish the harsh effects of viruses. Plus, the practical ways you can address your food choices for yourself and your family and how Dr. Mark Hyman puts his revolutionary food theory into everyday practice.

Show Notes:

  • The real enemy is the standard American diet and ultra-processed food, many of the different health promoting groups believe in the same core food qualities

  • Don't let your ideology trample over your biology and pay attention to what works for your body

  • Food regulates your bodies internal systems, improving quality improves our system's functionality

  • A lot of the processed foods we eat are harming our immune system, leading to worsened states of health

  • Eat food with the intention of using it to enhance the functionality of your body's systems and create health

  • Insulin resistance is when your body is continuously releasing too much insulin (typically caused by overconsumption of starch and sugar) and your body starts to resist the effects of insulin, causing your body to store more fat and slow your metabolism

  • Quality of food matters the most, we want to give our bodies quality information to use for system regulation

  • Make an assessment of your kitchen and purge the things that won't promote health

  • Learn about different ingredients and food and start experimenting, and learn how to construct a health balanced plate of food, it's simpler than you might think

  • Personalize your diet and focus on nutrients that serve your specific health needs and concerns

  • Intermittent fasting or time-restricted feeding is a tool that gives the body a rest from digestion, Dr. Hyman promotes a simple 12-16 hour break in eating each day (from dinner to breakfast)


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