Dr. Kelly Blodgett

Oral Health 101: Reinventing Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Kelly Blodgett

Dr. Kelly Blodgett is redefining the modern dental experience. Over the past 20 years, he’s created a practice recognized as an international hotspot for integrative biological dentistry and dental tourism. He attracts people who seek a holistic and biological approach to their oral health and whole body health.

Through his weekly Toxic Tuesday and Wellness Wednesday social media posts, Dr. Kelly shares important truths not commonly discussed in traditional dental settings. His content illustrates his patients’ incredible journeys back to health while providing best practices for predictable oral and systemic health – fascinating subjects that serve as table stakes for today’s ultra-informative conversation as well.

We talk about the biological way of approaching root canals and fillings, oral hygiene, regaining health, demystifying health issues caused by teeth, and the theorized connection between root canals and cancer. 

Given my own recent struggles with oral health, I’ve been so excited to have Dr. Kelly on the show. I’m thrilled to share his deep understanding and proven best practices for biohacking oral health with the community today.

We also cover…