Simple Food & Product Swaps for Healthier Minds & Bodies with Karalynne Call

Simple Food & Product Swaps for Healthier Minds & Bodies with Karalynne Call

Karalynne Call, a certified nutritionist and the founder and CEO of Just Ingredients, has built a health and wellness empire recognized as one of Utah's top 10 fastest-growing companies. With a product line featuring over 200 nutrition and personal care items, all crafted from nourishing, real, and natural ingredients, Karalynne is dedicated to inspiring healthier, happier lives.

Her influential presence on social media, including an Instagram community of over 1 million followers, underscores her commitment to educating people about the importance of the ingredients we use in and on our bodies.

In this conversation, we delve into Karalynne’s personal journey from battling depression to discovering the profound impact of holistic wellness. She shares how her quest for mental health led her to overhaul her eating habits and beauty products, and the challenges she faced being an early adopter to holistic remedies. She also shares a profound testimony for the power of genetic testing, and how her MTHFR variant diagnosis was a life-changing moment in her and her family’s shared health journey.

Karalynne also offers invaluable insights into making budget-friendly, nutritious food choices that are accessible for families. She walks us through her simple and approachable method to understanding food labels and selecting clean ingredients, and provides practical tips for non-toxic living and swapping out hormone-disrupting products for cleaner, safer options.

This episode is packed with actionable advice for anyone looking to refine their wellness routine and make health a priority in a manageable, sustainable way. I’m grateful for the education and products she provides to help us all make more informed decisions for ourselves and our families!