Carolina Oliveira

The Power of the OS-01 Peptide: Reverse Aging, Reduce Inflammation & Get Glowing Skin with OneSkin’s Carolina Oliveira

Meet the new face of age-reversal skincare. I’m thrilled to welcome Carolina Oliveira, the CEO and co-founder of OneSkin. Carolina and her team are disrupting the outdated anti-aging skincare industry with their groundbreaking research on our largest organ and its longevity.

I’ve seen the results firsthand. You know that I’m a skeptic when it comes to commercial skincare products. But after digging into OneSkin’s research, I started using their products about a year ago. I’ve been so impressed – my skin looks more youthful, softer, and has a new glow!

On today’s episode, we get into the science behind their topical skin products. We talk about what causes aging and if it’s reversible. Carolina explains what peptides are and how they work, sharing her revolutionary research into the OS-O1 peptide. This peptide has been shown to improve barrier function, increase collagen biosynthesis, and reduce “zombie cells” which are a central cause of aging.

Plus, Carolina answers questions about retinol, exfoliation, and how to simplify your skincare routine. Don’t miss this insightful and educational look into the latest research on skin health.

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