Brittany Snow & Jaspre Guest

You’re Not Alone: How Brittany Snow & Jaspre Guest Promote Healing through Connection with September Letters

In today's episode I'm welcoming friend, prior client, and mental health advocate Brittany Snow, along with her co-founder of September Letters, Jaspre Guest to the podcast.

They graciously share insights from their new book, September Letters, an inspirational collection of letters, notes, and conversations among friends, celebrities, experts, and the September Letters community. It is a guide to help us clearly see that we are not alone, and that sharing your story is powerful and healing – a welcoming, embracing resource for anyone seeking to feel more connected with themselves and others.

In this episode, we talk about how they came up with the idea of September Letters, their goal with the book to promote connection and healing, and their favorite tools for supporting their mental health. I'm so excited to welcome them both so you can learn more about this movement.