Dr. Vivian Chen

A Balanced Approach to Gut Health and Detoxification with Dr. Vivian Chen

Dr. Vivian Chen was practicing conventional medicine in the UK when her own debilitating symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and acne were dismissed as “normal” by the medical community. Then, she took matters into her own hands, becoming her own health detective and uncovering a holistic approach to understanding health at a whole body level. 

With this new informed practice, Vivian, like so many in our space, healed herself. These days, she's a certified integrative health practitioner and the founder of  Plateful Health, through which she helps her clients find true long lasting vitality of body and mind.

This one is packed with relatable experiences and stories, like her daughter’s scary allergy event; deep dive clinical data and scientific reasoning, particularly as they connect to the gut’s microbiome and detoxing; and actionable real-life advice, from prepping your body for a detox to supplement use and daily routine tips. Dr. Chen is a deep well of knowledge; we’re so glad she took the time to fill our cups today.