Mary Lawless Lee

Behind the Highlight Reel: Living In The Greys with Mary Lawless Lee

My guest today is Mary Lawless Lee. She is a mother, writer, entrepreneur, and digital media personality dedicated to living creatively, chasing curiosity, and exploring the world through the lens of fashion, family, travel, and design. Happily Grey, her now-iconic fashion and lifestyle blog, serves as a loving space for readers to connect with Mary's life experiences, and their own, journeying together through life's highs, lows, and in betweens.

But she’s not just an influencer OG. Adding a retail space and – now, a book – to her resume, she’s a perfect example of someone who seems to juggle everything at once with ease. Her new book, and this conversation, tell a different story. 

Her radical honesty and grounded mindset root her in reality, and helped her escape struggles with an eating disorder, perfectionism, people pleasing, and a toxic marriage. Thank you, Mary, for spending some time with our community today. 

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