Garza Family - Siete Foods

Bringing Grain-Free Mexican-American Foods to the Table with The Garza Family

If you’re anything like me and my family, you may already be familiar (and appreciative!) of the innovative and delicious food brand we’re spotlighting today, Siete Family Foods, a company dedicated to sharing Mexican-American cuisine with those who want or need grain-free options.

Today's guests are sister and brother – Veronica Garza, Siete’s Co-Founder, President, and Chief Innovation Officer, and Miguel Garza, Co-Founder and CEO. They’re here to talk about their first cookbook, The Siete Table, which features over a hundred gluten free Mexican-American dishes that span every course and occasion.

Of course, we cover the brand’s backstory – after Veronica Garza had many autoimmune issues  show up, including lupus, she started to do CrossFit with her family in her parents' backyard. After switching to a grain-free diet, she noticed her joints weren't bothering her anymore, which was the catalyst to starting this company.

Miguel and Veronica discuss the recipes they can't wait to share, why sharing these recipes is so special to them, and the inspiring story of how Veronica (as well as other family members) took a huge risk in order to get Siete off the ground.