Dr. Amy Shah

Calm Your Cravings and Support Your Mood with Dr. Amy Shah

Dr. Amy Shah is back to talk about her new book, I Am So Effing Hungry, and her five step method for conquering cravings, boosting your mood, and making peace with your body. Dr. Amy Shah is a double board-certified MD with training from Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard, nutritionist, and best-selling author. Dr. Shah focuses on gut health, inflammation, and intermittent fasting.

In today's episode, we'll talk about how today's food system is hijacking your brain and your cravings. You'll learn about how the gut microbiome impacts your hunger and what exactly psychobiotics are. She'll explain the psychology and neuroscience behind hunger and cravings, and she'll give us some hacks and small changes we can make every day to calm our cravings and take control over our health.