Ron Belldegrun and Devon Kuehn of ByHeart

Disrupting the Baby Formula Industry with ByHeart

In today’s episode, Ron Belldegrun and Devon Kuehn, CEO and CMO of ByHeart no-compromise nutrition infant formula, spotlight their amazing formula brand and discuss the critical importance of high quality baby nutrition in a world increasingly filled with, well – filler products and other junk ingredients.

In fact, ByHeart is the first new formula brand in fifteen years, breaking down sturdy barriers in an industry that hasn’t kept up with the latest in science. Their willingness to invest time and money for the sake of a better product for better health is something I can stand behind with my full support.

We also chat about the recent formula shortage, the clinical process of replicating breast milk as closely as they can, laying the foundation for baby growth and development, and the importance of owning your supply chain and inspecting your own ingredients – two pillars of good business that I am also very familiar with.