Dr. David Jockers

Exploring Natural Medicine & Functional Nutrition with Dr. David Jockers

My guest today is Dr. David Jockers, a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist, and a corrective care chiropractor. He's the founder of Exodus Health in Georgia and runs DrJockers.com, a valuable information hub designed to empower people with science based-solutions to improve their health. He’s even authored two books, The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough, and The Fasting Transformation.

We talk about how he got into the wellness space, starting with a focus on the physiological side of things, opening a clinic of his own, pivoting his energy to content creation, and his journey of self-treatment – a common theme among naturopath practitioners (and guests of this podcast!).

We also run through his daily routine to learn how he incorporates his own studies, diets, and recommendations at home with the family. And, we touch on parenting tips for well-adjusted and responsible kids. It’s a pleasure to bring Dr. Jockers and his wide scope of wellness know-how to the show, today. Enjoy!