Jeremy Utley

How To Cultivate Creativity to Elevate Everything You Do with Jeremy Utley

Flexing your creativity muscle plays a huge role in wellness that is often overlooked. If you don’t consider yourself a “creative” person, you might be surprised by what today’s guest, innovation expert and Stanford professor Jeremy Utley, has to say about the discipline of imagination and how it can be used to affect your life and the world in a positive way. 

Jeremy Utley is one of the world's leading experts in innovation. Over the last 12 years, he served as the Director of Education at Stanford's renowned Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (aka the D School), where his courses have been experienced by nearly a million students worldwide.

Jeremy advises corporate leaders on how to embed the methods and mindsets of design into their organization and works with professionals to cultivate a robust personal creative practice. As the co-host of Stanford's Masters of Creativity, he shines the spotlight on creative practice across disciplinary boundaries. 

On top of blogging and podcasting, he's also the general partner at Freespin Capital and co-author of IdeaFlow, which offers a proven strategy for coming up with great ideas by yourself and with your team. 

In this conversation, Jeremy shares how to find inspiration, how to know if an idea is “good” through scrappy experimentation, lessons for entrepreneurs from our personal experiences, and how practicing the idea quota can make magic happen. 

If you ever shut down your creative thinking or you thought you didn't have it within you, Jeremy's here to show you otherwise.