Dr. Chris Palmer

Mitochondria & Mental Illness: Finding Hope & Healing in Our Cells with Dr. Chris Palmer

Dr. Chris Palmer is taking the internet by storm and for good reason. He's a Harvard psychiatrist and researcher, and his new book, Brain Energy, proposes a comprehensive theory of what causes mental illness, integrating existing theories and research into one unifying theory, the brain energy theory of mental illness, in which he argues that mental disorders are really metabolic disorders of the brain. 

In today’s conversation, Dr. Palmer shares the science behind how the mitochondria functions in the body, and ultimately affects brain health. He shares how we can support healthy mitochondria and what the recent research in the last 20 years tells us about healing mental illness with metabolic interventions, like the ketogenic diet, and lifestyle strategies like exercise, a good sleep routine, reducing inflammation, and more.

It is really amazing to think about the healing and regeneration that can happen for your mitochondria when you use these metabolic interventions, and hearing the life-changing impacts of implementing these practices with amazing stories like he shares in this episode brings so much hope for the future. 

I can’t thank Dr. Palmer enough for concisely putting this theory into a book that anyone can read. It is such an important message, affirming our ability to really have control over our life and live the best version of it.