Dr. Anthony Jay

Toxins in Disguise: Dr. Anthony Jay on Estrogenics

Dr. Anthony Jay is the President of the International Medical Research Collaborative, a nonprofit organization based in Boston that trains medical students from around the globe. He is also an author and renowned expert on estrogenics, substances that merely act like estrogen in our body, oftentimes tricking it into negative chain reactions in our health – even cancer.

So, where are these tricky imposters in the products around us? And, how can we avoid them in the future? Dr. Anthony details the long list in his book, and is kind to share many examples in our conversation today. Specifically, he touches on fragrances, petroleum products, soy products, and mold, which is so much more common in shelf products like coffee, grains, and peanuts than you might imagine.

We also talk about the role that the gut microbiome, an old familiar friend, plays in our processing of these chemicals, and draw a very real connection between the harms of estrogenics and everyday plastics like water bottles and shower liners.

If you’re listening to this and looking around your life with a newfound stress, know that you’re not alone in this collective journey to a more natural, non-toxic, and simple life. Knowledge is key. Understanding complexities like those presented today is the first step toward making positive changes. And we’re here to help you get there, every step of the way.