Michael Moss

Why We’re Hooked on Processed Foods with Michael Moss

In today's episode, I welcome Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Michael Moss, author of two New York times bestselling books on the processed food industry: Salt, Sugar, and Fat and Hooked. He's a frequent guest of newscasts from the CBS This Morning to the BBC, and he spent his career as an investigative reporter with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Michael helps us pull back the curtain on the big business of food to understand how chemists are getting you hooked on processed products. We talk about the “blisspoint”, the power of food memory, why our biology is mismatched to our current food environment, how the food industry has controlled the diet industry, and how we can flip the switch on food giants for better health and more appreciation for the food we eat. Let's welcome Michael Moss to the show.