Inside Ezra’s Mission for Curing Cancer Through Early Detection

Inside Ezra’s Mission for Curing Cancer Through Early Detection

For my 40th birthday, I decided to invest in my health by undergoing a full body MRI scan through Ezra, a New York based healthcare AI startup utilizing medical imaging and artificial intelligence to provide individuals with a full body cancer screening service that's fast, accurate, and more affordable than ever. Ezra is on a mission to create a new standard of preventative care and provide people with necessary knowledge to make decisions about their health. They look at 14 organs to advocate for early cancer detection as part of an annual health care screening. 

In today's podcast, I chat with Emi Gal, the CEO and founder of Ezra, Dr. Carol DerSarkissian, who is the medical director, and Dr. Daniel Sodickson, who is the scientific advisor (you can find their full bios at the end of the episode). 

We cover Ezra's full body MRI diagnostic process, how MRIs work, the common question regarding false positives, the use of AI and the future of imaging, Ezra's goal to reduce costs, as well as my own test results, and a lot more! 

This is not a sponsored podcast, but since early detection is the most effective cure for cancer we currently have, I felt like this technology was important to highlight in podcast form.

If you're interested in going through with this type of an investment for your health, you can head to to learn a little bit more about this technology – and use code BEWELLBYKELLY for $150 off.