First Trimester Foods

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Foods that are Fueling me Through my First Trimester

I am slowly coming back to life after a rough 3 months in my first trimester, but waking up feeling good the last few days has me excited to slip a Levels CGM back on, move my body gym style, and make a few proteins I’ve had aversions to like chicken and salmon.

Pregnancy can have you craving all sorts of interesting things and temporarily 'hating' the foods you used to love. Finding ways to fit in the foods your craving with the foods that will support you and the growing needs of your baby is exactly why I love working with pregnant women, and now we get to navigate it together by getting excited about all the benefits of nutrient-dense foods.

Here's what has been getting me through it:

  • Warm chia pudding with vanilla Be Well by Kelly protein powder.
  • Siete Foods tortillas with eggs, Good Culture cottage cheese, and bacon for breakfast!
  • Fab 4 Smoothies - (or actually fab 3) I couldn’t get the greens down even in the smoothie but so thankful for my BWBK protein, especially this pregnancy!
  • Red meat - sauced up in marinara, chilli, and stews - I was even able to make the chili with my ancestral blend from Force of Nature meats.
  • Chop salads and slaws - I've been loving anything acidic with all the vinegar on arugula, slaw, or veggie chops like tomato, cucumber, and garbanzo beans.
  • And of course LMNT electrolytes every morning!! It’s an absolute game changer for cravings, focus, and energy. Plus, pregnant women are prone to losing electrolytes more rapidly and at a higher volume, so I like to toss an LMNT in my bag whenever I am on the go for easy hydration. You can head to to receive a FREE sample pack with any purchase.

Something that is so important for me throughout pregnancy is honoring my cravings, so I also made my fair share of paleo Sweet Laurel Bakery Cookies but ensured I saved my sweets for after a Fab 4 smoothie or meal to minimize the blood sugar spike. I explain in my pregnancy course how blood sugar roller coasters exacerbate morning sickness, and I can attest to that because the one time I had a donut with coffee first thing in the morning my nausea was x10000 worse. Sometimes knowing the science doesn’t always keep me from doing something, but dang will the symptoms remind you. Be sure to follow along my pregnancy journey @bewellbykelly.