Green Apple Smoothie

Green Apple Fab Four Smoothie

Tart and crisp, this Green Apple Smoothie brings on all the fall feels while still being a healthy way to start your day.

The subtle sweetness of the vanilla protein powder cuts the tartness from the green apple. And all of it combines to make a creamy and fresh, blood sugar balancing breakfast smoothie. Although it can make the perfect afternoon pick me up or end of the day “treat,” too!

Let’s compare this Green Apple Smoothie with a green apple juice you might buy from a store. Green Juice:

  • Has no fiber, because the juice has been extracted from the fruit
  • Has no protein or fat
  • Spikes blood sugar (even if it’s 100% juice!) because it lacks the protein, fat and fiber to slow down the digestion of the carbs/sugars 
  • Will not satiate because it does not have the physical or chemical components to calm hunger hormones

Green Apple Smoothie:

  • Contains fiber (chia seeds), fat (coconut oil) and protein (Be Well protein powder)
  • Together, these components slow down digestion, calm hunger hormones and blunt any blood sugar spike that might otherwise happen when eating fruit

This is why I’m such a huge fan of the Fab Four smoothie and not such a huge fan of juices – even “clean” green juices! If you want to learn more about the power of the Fab Four, I’d encourage you to check out my video courses. These will teach you the science and the practical how-to of the Fab Four so you can nourish yourself and your family in a blood sugar friendly way no matter the meal:

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  • Prep Time

    2 minutes

  • Total Time

    5 minutes

  • Servings


  • Freezer Friendly




  1. Blend all the ingredients in high speed blender until smooth.