Interview with Camille Styles: Start Every Day Like a Nutritionist

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Interview with Camille Styles: Start Every Day Like a Nutritionist

I sat down with Camilla Styles to walk you through a day in the life, discuss my habits and my current favorite products.

How you wake up each day

Currently, my alarm or a baby foot to the rib cage wakes me up, but I have a feeling that will quickly change to a crying newborn come October 4th. 

The number of hours of sleep you need to be fully functional

Oh girl, 8 hours or bust. I can easily get the habit of being a night owl…. it’s like the high school version of myself emerges and I want to binge TV, clear my inbox, and clean out my closet all in one night. But I always feel my absolute best when I force myself to head to bed earlier; my hormones, blood sugar, and mood are balanced, and I am better at life in general.

First thing you do when you wake up

I use the Fabulous app – it’s a routine and habit building app that helps me do all the things that can easily be forgotten. I started using it to remember to drink water first thing, and now it reminds me to take my prenatal, blend my #fab4smoothie, (no matter if I drink it then or a few hours later), prioritize 3 tasks for the day, and write the one thing I am grateful for that day.

Your getting ready routine

I am quick! After I check through my Fabulous app….I shower and sip on coffee with a splash of unsweetened coconut or almond milk, blow dry my hair, add a few wavy curls, swipe on tinted SPF moisturizer and mascara and I am out the door to see clients with my smoothie in 30-45 minutes.

How you plan your outfits

Oh my goodness, you are asking the wrong girl. My bestie and college roommate Karie (who has worked for Vera Wang and now owns her own line) literally dressed me until the day we graduated. Since then, if it isn’t a dress or jeans with a t-shirt and booties, I am totally lost.

What you eat for breakfast

I drink a #fab4smoothie almost every day. I created the Fab Four Smoothie formula to help my clients learn how to build a low sugar meal replacement smoothie. This is very different from the many juice shops, grocery smoothie bars, and smoothie recipes online, which can be loaded with sugar, specifically fructose sugar from excess fruit, agave, dates, and juice. When it comes to energy, skin health, and weight loss, the Fab Four Smoothie is key!

For some new clients, I spare them the science and simply ask them to start every day with a Fab Four Smoothie and within the first week I am getting exciting texts about how their skin is glowing, energy is high, and the scale is down. The Fab Four smoothie limits fruit and instead helps you fill up on protein, fat, fiber and greens which naturally help to elongate and balance your blood sugar curve.

Morning media rituals

I use audible to listen to the latest news in all things science while l I blow dry my hair, and in the car on the way to clients and meetings.

Favorite getting-ready soundtrack

My creative husband is in charge of Spotify and the DJ in our house.

Preferred workout

When I am sleeping well, I always prefer a morning workout. I try to get a few cardio classes in a week through Body by Simone or a sweaty Soul Cycle class. I like to mix up the cardio with vinyasa yoga or a megaformer pilates class.

I never leave the house without _____________.

My #fab4smoothie in a Hydroflask or Yeti, and another with 40oz of water.

Your signature scent

Tam Dao or a vanilla essential oil roller from wholefoods.

Healthiest morning habit


Worst morning habit

Jumping into Instagram, email or client texts before my morning routine.

Daily uniform

Jeans, a t-shirt, and ass-kicking boots.

Favorite makeup items

Honest Beauty mascara, Tata Harper lip & cheek tint, and Honest Beauty magic facial oil.

Shower: morning or night?


Favorite product in your shower?

Dr. Bronner’s Rose body wash with my Stimulite bath mitt, and Goop’s Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub.

If you had one extra hour every morning, how would you use it?

Yoga, every. damn. day.

One word to describe your mornings



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