At-Home Workouts to Fit Every Mood

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At-Home Workouts to Fit Every Mood


So many people are looking for at-home exercise options and YouTube is a treasure trove of workout videos. Aside from the current need for social distancing, at-home workouts are an awesome option for anyone with a busy schedule (aka most of us). You can find just about any style of exercise you like on YouTube. Need a 20-minute workout? Want to work out first thing or late at night? YouTube makes it possible. The best part? These videos are free! Check out my playlist to find my favorite yoga flows, meditations, breathing exercises, recipes, and talks by yours truly.

My Playlists:

Since we’re on the subject of favorite at-home workouts, I have a few more I’d like to mention. These are not exclusively YouTube options, but you can find some of their videos there and use that to determine if you want to use their subscriptions. Try them out, they’re all currently offering free trial options!

  • Body by Simone - A good workout and nutritional guidance from yours truly? Now is the perfect time to try Body by Simone with a 14 day free trial!

  • Melissa Wood Health - streaming yoga/pilates style workouts - also, visit her instagram for some quick workouts!

  • Amanda Kloots - streaming option with super fun dance cardio.

  • Carbon 38 - 3 live IG classes a week.

  • Megan Roup - A fun dance cardio, currently offering a free 14 day trial.

  • T Mac Fitness - HITT work out which is sure to leave you sore! Enjoy the 15 day trial!