Black Friday Basics

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Black Friday Basics


It's tempting to buy, buy, buy on Black Friday, but sometimes you end up overspending on things you don't really need. On the other hand, it can be a really great way to save on the stuff you always use so I am scratching the sale itch by stocking up on all of my favorite self-stable, pantry, beauty and home essentials.

Here is a shortlist of sales I am taking advantage of this weekend:

  1. Primal Kitchen: We go through bottles of their Ranch, ketchup, Hawaiian barbeque, mayo, avocado oil, pizza sauce, and buffalo sauce so I am stocking up using the subscription model. I loaded my cart with 6 bottles; 2 ketchup, 2 Ranch, 1 mayo and, 1 BBQ per month. Then, I added the code KELLYSFAVORITES and I got 10% off plus an additional $6 off, that’s basically a free bottle a month.

  2. Branch Basics: I have been using and loving their cleaning supplies for almost a year so I am stocking my house with all the essentials. My code BEWELLBYKELLY gets you 20% off and it's active now.

  3. Serenity Kids: Taschen loves the Beef, Roots, and Puffs (this is the only puff my kids eat) I am stocking am 6 months worth of their product using the code FAB4 (15% off your order)

  4. MindBodyGreen: We take Sleep Support nightly and MBG launched a really good potent D3 and a multivitamin. The multivitamin is phenomenal, I worked with Jason and Colleen to perfect the ingredient profile to include a functional level of B Vitamins and minerals. I plan to switch to this multi the minute I am done breastfeeding and taking my prenatal. I am signed up for the subscription which is the deepest discount and right now and the code KELLYHOLIDAY gets you an additional 15% off your monthly order!

  5. Pique Tea: This is where I get all of my Tea because they triple test for mold, heavy metals, and pesticides. I am taking major advantage of the 20% off using the code BFCM20 (ONLY valid from Nov 26-29)

  6. Beauty Counter: (15% off site-wide) I am using the entire counter time line (I just saved $100), vitamin C, and the mascara.

  7. Hume Biome Buddy: I just subscribed to the biome buddy (deodorant + body oil) and saved 20%!! If you miss this sale Kellyloveshume saves you 15% off anytime.

  8. Thrive Market: They are having an epic 30% off sale on pantry and home staples. I am filled my cart with Tolerant pasta, Dishwasher and Dish Soap, Chomps sicks, Mikes Organics Curry powder, Wild Caught Skipjack Tuna and Hu Crackers and chocolate. If you miss the SALE will get you a $20 Gift Card + a Free Gift whenever you join!