40th Birthday: How I’m Preparing (No surprise, it’s health-related!)

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40th Birthday: How I’m Preparing (No surprise, it’s health-related!)

Four decades. And with so much gratitude, I can say each one has been better than the last.

I’ve had friends and family ask me how I feel about turning the big 4-0, and here’s where I’m at…

I’m more aligned, energized and connected than I’ve ever been. I know what’s important to me and what isn’t. The way I arrange my schedule, focus my thoughts, and use my money reflect these priorities. Is life perfect? You bet it’s not. But that’s the thing about our human superpower called choice – we get to make empowered decisions when circumstances are favorable every bit as much as when they’re not.

As I turn 40, I’m continuing to choose to make powerful decisions for me and ultimately for my family. And that starts with decisions surrounding my health.

Here’s how I’m preparing to be my healthiest, most energetic and vibrant self as I wave goodbye to my thirties:

Mind + Spirit

Modern society may have led us to believe health is only about the physical body, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you separate the body from the mind, real health suffers in the process.

True health is about feeling your best from the inside out. There’s just too much evidence to ignore the power of the mind-body connection. Taking care of your body means also taking care of your mind. As I head into my forties, here’s how I’m looking after mine:


In 2023, I became a 6 phase meditation devotee. These 18 minutes to start my day are non-negotiable. Truth is, I wasn’t a “meditation girl” until I hit a low and found out how much I needed it. The older I get, the less I box myself into rigid identities and the more willingly I make space for what makes me my best.

Without a doubt and somewhat unexpectedly, I found that meditation brings out the best in me. So, you guessed it – it’ll be traveling with me into the next decade.

Give it a try: If you’re “not someone who meditates” but believe you could benefit from this powerful habit (raising my hand to all of the above!), then you might want to check out the 6 Phase Meditation Method. Consider it your easy but effective on-ramp to meditation!


If you follow me on social media, you know there are few things I love more than being in nature with my people.

Whether it means strapping my baby to me and heading to the beach, watching my boys shred down snow-capped slopes, or getting my hands dirty as a newbie backyard gardener, nature is my zen place.

My experiences only exemplify what science continues to prove: Time in nature improves mental and emotional health. And it improves physical health, too. You better believe this girl is prioritizing her relationship with mother earth heading into my forties and beyond.

Give it a try: Maybe you’re not a sand and sea person, and that’s totally okay! Figure out what kind of time spent in nature lights you up and prioritize making it happen! Trail walking? Sunrise yoga? Running around barefoot with your babies in the backyard? The world is your oyster - get out there!

Connection and Joy

As a business owner and mom of three young boys, I know how easy it is to let life sweep you away in an endless list of to-do’s. Before you know it, priorities like joy and connection are easily knocked further and further down on that list. But a life of deep relational connection and moments of joy are essential for optimal well-being.

That’s not just idyllic speak. Science tells us that strong social relationships are vital for optimal physical health. Leisure is necessary for successful aging. And in my recent podcast with Colleen and Jason Wachob, founders of mindbodygreen, they cite some pretty astounding research on the connection between longevity and social relationships, joy and community.

For me, prioritizing joy looks like tag-teaming childcare with Chris so I can attend my favorite workout class – something that elevates me on all levels. Prioritizing connection looks like sneaking out with Chris to spend some quiet, kid-free time together. Or catching up with girlfriends over delicious food and mocktails (hello, breastfeeding!).

My thirties taught me a lot about who my people are and what I love to do. I’m going to spend more of my forties alongside those people, doing those things.

Give it a try: Take inventory of your people and your time. Who gives you energy? What lights you up? Commit to making more space for those people and those activities.


I’m rolling into my forties feeling physically younger than my birthday would tell, and I attribute most of that to the health habits I’ve put in place. (You can find the habits my clients and I commit to in my new guide!) At the same time, I know prevention is the best medicine. For that reason, I’m putting some proactive measures in place for the upcoming year to keep my wellness on point.

Fab 4

Protein + Fat + Fiber + Greens…

This is the cornerstone of how I eat, and it has been for years. I’ve used it to grow healthy babies, lose postpartum weight, optimize blood test results, feel energized, stave off cravings, enjoy mental clarity and stability and so much more.

The Fab 4 is more than a tool for me at this point. It’s a way of life. And it absolutely, without-a-doubt makes me feel my best. I’d say this style of eating is traveling with me into my forties, but the truth is, I know I’ll carry this one with me forever. I’ve devoted my life’s work to sharing the message of the Fab 4 because I want to see you live your healthiest and most vibrant life, too.

Give it a try: If there’s one thing you could do right now for your own health, eating Fab 4 style would be my suggestion. I’ve got all the resources to not just get you started, but to keep you going strong:

Yearly Check-Ups + Blood Tests

I’m not sure anyone loves going to the doctor for a check-up or routine blood work. But it beats going to the doctor because you neglected to do so for a long time…and now something doesn’t look right, feel right or work right.

In my forties, you better believe I won’t be skipping out on routine visits to my practitioner, dentist or eye doctor. I want to fight back before issues become problems. And if there is a problem? I want to find it as soon as possible. Remember, early detection is a huge indicator when it comes to the success of treating nearly any kind of disease or sickness.

Here are a few specialty tests I like to add to my yearly blood draws:

  • Inflammatory Markers: white blood cell count, c-reactive protein, sedimentation rate, celiac antibodies, antinuclear antibodies, rheumatoid antibodies, thyroid antibodies
  • Digestive Health Test: GI Effects from Genova
  • Food Allergy Test: Cyrex Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen
  • Sex and Adrenal Hormones: The Dutch Test

Give it a try: Set a yearly reminder in your phone to call your practitioner, your dentist and your eye doctor. Make the call. Get in on the schedule. And don’t you dare think about backing out. Talk with each doc about your unique age, genetic predisposition and health history. Let that drive the plan for further testing or protocols.

Breath Institute Assessment

I’m excited about this one! So excited, in fact, that I signed the whole family up. Chris and I are headed up to the Breathe Institiute in LA and my boys are signed up with Dr. Tracy Tran to be evaluated for optimal oral health.

The more I’ve learned about the power of breath, the more motivated I am to harness that power…and teach my children to do the same. Nasal breathing, in particular, has powerful benefits including increasing immunity, increasing oxygen uptake and possibly even increasing cognitive function.  

Improper dental and jaw development impacts our breathing and ultimately our life so I signed myself up along with the fam for a comprehensive breath assessment. We’ll gain insight into the effectiveness of the way each of us uses our breath, and The Breath Institute will provide personalized suggestions based on the results. Dr. Tran will ensure the boys dont have tongue or lip ties and support us to make a plan for optimal development.

Give it a try: The Breath Institute offers online services, so if you’re looking to harness the superpower of your breath, too, then absolutely check it out!

Advanced Testing: Full Body MRI and Colonoscopy

Alright, I won’t even pretend to be excited about these. But they’re too important not to include.

In year 40, I’ll be getting a full body MRI through Ezra or Prenuvo. Basically, this one hour scan screens the body – up to 13 organs – for cancer. Ezra partners with imaging centers across the country, which allows for wider access to this preventative testing and Prenuvo has specific site locations with Prenuvo physicians who review results. After an 8 year career in cancer and gentics, I know early detection saves lives, decreases the amount of toxic treatments you may need and ultimately give you the opportunity to allow lifestyle interventions to help you heal.

Nothing screams 40 like scheduling a colonoscopy, right?! Colorectal cancer typically starts out as a noncancerous growth called a polyp before becoming cancerous. Removing these polyps can prevent cancer, which is why screening in order to detect them early is so vital. The 2023 American Cancer Society report indicated that rates of new colon cancer cases have doubled for the under 55 population from 11 percent of all cases in 1995 to 20 percent in 2019. Family history or not, this procedure should be on your list!

Give it a try: If you are genetically predisposed to certain types of cancers, if you have a history of cancer, or if you want to level up on your preventative health game, I suggest you schedule your full body MRI and/or colonoscopy as a powerful proactive measure.

The best is yet to come...

I absolutely believe this as I head into my forties. I am here to pour my life into others and my goal for the next decade is to be a LIFE FORCE for those I love. I know I’ll never regret building a life...being present, saying YES to adventure, giving all my love away, and working to be better for myself and my boys. And I wouldn't be able to live this wonderful life at my full potential if I did not prioritize my physical and mental well-being. Whatever age you’re staring at in the front view mirror, know that it's never too late to start showing up for yourself, too!